Basic features of free web hosting

Selecting for a good web hosting solution ought to involve critical decision making. There are several companies there that offer web hosting services. It is not an easy task cause you at first have to consider the most important features your business needs before identifying the web hosting features list. Imagine selecting a bad web hosting site and having to cope up with slow web loading, hacked files, and many other web related issues. Web hosting generally makes businesses and companies to be available on the web to other users who may be prospective customers.

The basic features of free web hosting include:

Disk space and bandwidth


Disk space is the amount of free storage capacity provided by the free web hosting provider. However, it is recommended to priorly estimate the kind of space you will need to perform the various tasks. Space is used in the storage of emails, images, videos and audios for the site. Bandwidth, on the other hand, is the amount of traffic data allowed to access and leave a website. If you happen a media-intensive website with lots of images and videos then disk space and bandwidth should be critically considered. There are however some web hosts that offer free bandwidth and storage space.

Email accounts and features

Domain email services help in the setting up of personal domain email accounts. A personal domain email address can be used in login, checking and managing all the emails via the web browser.  The email accounts can be divided into three different categories which are: POP3 traditional email boxes accounts, SMTP Forwarding mail accounts, and Aliases accounts. The SMTP and POP3 email domains should be considered as you can access your personal email domain using your smartphone and other smart devices other than the computer.

Support and uptime

A web hosting provider with free services, working with email support team and reliable telephone should be highly considered. Uptime refers to the time when a computer machine is working. Generally, no host can guarantee full uptime cause unavoidable problems like power outage across a city. The best web hosting service provider able to provide the  almost best immediate response to minimize downtime on the website and email like having an onsite backup power supply should be considered.


A free web hosting service should ultimately not charge you for anything.

Website creator

website creator

For starters opting to create their own websites, then select a free web hosting provider that offers the free creating application on the website. Watch the video below for the basic features of free web hosting;

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