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Four tips to fight computer malware

Preventing computer malware

Malware or viruses have been ruining our computer experience for a very long time now. They corrupt files, slow down computers or even make the unusable all together. In most cases, the problem is a result of poor computer usage or total ignorance of the basic maintenance. Below we look at some of the top tips for avoiding malware on your computer.

Preventing computer malware

Install anti-malware utilitypreventing computer malware

Installing an anti-malware is the logical thing to do. With a lot of this software available both for free and paid, it is very easy to get the right choice. An anti-malware is tailored towards keeping your computer safe from trouble making malware. With vast databases of indexed malware, they can identify and delete all sorts of malware. A simple google search will get you a very detailed list of these utilities that you can choose from.

Don’t open unknown emails

If you receive emails that you don’t know where they are from, you better not open them. Scammers always distribute malware via emails that look attractive. The emails include clickable links that lead to malicious sites that might install unwanted programs to your computer without your consent. The best option is to delete the email or mark it as spam so that your email filter can flag it and prevent the sender from sending you more emails.

Install security updates

Operating system vendors such as Microsoft regularly releases security updates that address bugs and vulnerabilities that make the computer easily compromised. The best advice is to set your computer to check for updates of safety and install them automatically. This ensures that the equipment is up to date and fixed loopholes that malware would have used to infect your computer.

Defragment your hard disk

The ways the computer stores data in its memory is complicated but can be simplified by stating that the data doesn’t stay in one place. For example, when you save a movie on the hard disk, parts of the movie will be distributed in different sections of the disk, and with time, they disperse even more, hence the term fragmentation. By defragging, you bring the chunks closer and increasing the speed of memory access, making your computer blazing fast. It also prevents the ability of malware to use the undesirable state to easily corrupt files and making them unusable.

These are the top four computer tips that if followed, you can be sure to make your computer faster. Always consult a professional when things seem to get out of hand, they are in a better position to solve serious problems.…