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Various Benefits Of School Asset Management Software

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Schools usually have many assets which have cost money to buy. Such assets include books, computers, and other learning facilities. Since schools are a big institution with dynamic systems, then there can be management, fraud, and negligence that can cost the school negatively. To this point, asset management software comes to use, and it is advisable that an independent company manage it. Reputable schools that value their assets have embraced the idea of outsourcing for such service. The asset management software has the following uses.

Different Uses Of Asset Management Software

Accurate inventory

It is a good thing when all assets in an institution can be accounted for in an accurate way. Tracking the movement of school assets using manual system can be complicated and never correct. It is also very hard to count all assets at the end of each month and give exact figures. The system can update inventory when new assets are acquired or reduce when discarded after the lifespan.


Financial tracking

Schools assets account for a bigger percentage of the financial position of the school and therefore such operations deserves sophisticated software to be used for accuracy. Such software needs to convert the assets into a financial figure when required and give reports for decisions to be made. At the end of each month and financial year the school makes a balance sheet. The software is used to generate that.


A school needs to know which books are in which library or how many computers are in each computer laboratory. Not only this, but other accountability requirements are depending on the school policy. It is through such software that an asset in any part of the school can be tracked with all the details. Sometimes the students will mix the books, especially during tight revisions and examinations. At such times the software can generate reports that will help the staff to return all assets at their respective positions.

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Reference in the event of tragedy

At times, tragedies do occur in schools and the insurance firms need to refer to the right value of a school. The asset management software is the only reference since most have backup data in a remote area. Such data is also useful when the school restores its normal status to ensure that everything is back as it was. Some schools have used this reference point so well that no one can think any tragedy ever occurred.…

What Makes DJI Mavic Pro A Unique Drone


Drones have been around only for a few decades with their popularity increasing drastically. Today, every cinematographer and media house want to own one. They come in handy when one is looking for clear shots and footages of places no human being can venture. If you’re looking for a drone to buy in 2017, the DJI Mavic Pro is your best choice. So, what makes this drone unique? This article will highlight some insights.

A review of DJI Mavic Pro Drone


droneBeing their next drone to hit the market this year, this company is going to thrill the world yet again. They take their work very serious, and the previous productions can attest to that. As much as the predecessor Phantom series were bigger than the Mavic Pro, there are many positive sides of this piece of craft. According to the research findings, this drone is packed with power and features to do more than the previous models. So what features make it stand out?

Physical features

Its physiques offer a small foldable package which could tempt someone to think it’s less powerful. Well, that’s wrong! You better try it to believe. Thus no need to bring the big backpack as it can almost literally fit in a small bag. It carries four powerful propellers and powerful batteries to last for around 20 minutes of full action.

With such physiques, the most impressive fact about this drone is the fact that it can hover for 24 minutes unless distracted by a strong wind. If this is not impressive for users, then nothing else can. Again, this craft can cruise in air at 65 KM/H to save energy for capturing and dashing back to bring the footage.

Various uses of the drone

droneWith its tiny size, this is ideal for navigating in congested scenes almost undetectable for investigative recordings. It is capable of carrying powerful cameras that can rotate in all angles so as not to miss any scene. Such cameras can record either 4K or lower mode video. The photos can also come in different formats.

The final word

The compactness of the drone does not make it less productive since the engineers took their time to offer the best. Mind you; this is the most advanced drone technology from Mavic company. It is a highly recommended device for all use, and it comes with good value for money. Check the drones buy website through the link provided above for more information.…

Internet safety for kids


Children are known for their yearning curiosity, and the internet is no exception. When children grow up, they learn a lot of things through observation, and the internet being a major part of the modern lifestyle, they learn about it a very tender age. The internet is vital to us, but within its virtual architecture, there lies a lot of dangers. It is, therefore, important for a parent to learn about these dangers to better protect their young ones from them. There are many patented child cyber safety tools that complement the knowledge of internet safety for kids. Below are the top four internet dangers that affect children.

Internet dangers to educate your child about

Online predators

The world is full of people who have lost their minds, and the internet is lablecrawling with them. Onlne predators are people who look for innocent kids over the web with the intent to exploit them in manners that are unacceptable. It is common to find child traffickers online, especially social media, masquerading to be friends with kids. The best way to identify them is that they tend to ask for too much personal information in weird ways that don’t make sense. It is important to educate your kids to be wary of such predators. By educating them, you give them a better chance of staying safe.


The internet evolved to mimic our conventional life and replicated it in its virtual environment. Hence you shouldn’t be surprised on bullying on the web, aka cyberbullying. This occurs, especially on social platforms, when people decide to pick on someone else for no apparent reason. The effects can be adverse and lead to severe depression especially in kids. Teaching children to have self-confidence helps them have a mind of their own and puts them in a better position to handle cyber bullies.

Private information

Personal information should always remain private for some apparently good reasons. When people use the web, they get to interact with many individuals from all around the world. It is, therefore, important to limit the amount of personal information shared with them. It is important to make your kids aware of this as they will never know how the information they share will be used.

Inappropriate material

Adult content should be left for the adults, but sinckide children are very curious, they will go looking if they find it. It is, therefore, important for parents to create an environment that does not encourage it. By using web filters, they can ensure that their children do not visit any sites with adult rated content.…

How To Select A Good Bluetooth Speaker


In the world of advanced technology, everyone knows about Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology has been applied to a wide variety of devices so that they can be used wirelessly. This wireless technology is very beneficial to all who make use of it. Let’s take a look at what Bluetooth speakers are and what their advantages are as well as tips for choosing bluetooth speakers.

Important tips for choosing Bluetooth speakers

Check the features

Some features must be taken into account bluetooth speakerwhile buying a set of the best Bluetooth speakers. First of all, make sure that you know what you are looking for. You want to purchase something that will offer the best sound quality for your computer. There is no need to waste your money on an audio system that is basic. If you want to get the highest quality speakers for your system, then you should opt for bluetooth speakers under 100. You can test its versatility by playing different music genres on it. This will help to make a judgment about its frequency ranges.

Ensuring that the connectivity of your speaker is clear and compatible with all devices, you intend to use it for e.g. phones, TV or computers is crucial. This on the other hand shows that you know what you want to use it for.

Benefits of purchasing Bluetooth speakers

laptopBluetooth speakers come loaded with many enhanced features which are different from the traditional speakers. The obvious difference is that Bluetooth speakers do not require any wires or cables to get connected. They are also free from space restriction to a certain degree. They typically need to be placed within a range of 100 feet or as directed by the manufacturers.

Bluetooth technology makes it easy to get excellent sound quality from your system. It is also possible to connect Bluetooth speakers to a compatible stereo system for quality entertainment. Just like regular speakers, Bluetooth speakers have two built-in tweeters and a powerful woofer that can provide quality music in your home. The wireless connection creates a link between the system and the speakers, and it can respond to volume commands and other sound options provided in the system.


It is through bluetooth connectivity which enables connectivity of devices through each other. Speakers and other console connectivity can now come with enhanced bluetooth connectivity. Therefore there is a great importance to embrace this technology. However, it requires great care to enjoy it due to compatibility issues. A test before taking a device home is therefore very paramount. With the above insights, disappointments can be eliminated to a great extent ensuring that everyone is enjoying this technology.…

Four Easy Ways to Get Music Online

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Is there any easy way to get music online? There are many queries when it comes to getting free music from the internet. It is important to note that the available free music downloads are supposed to be legal in that the artists have authorized the download or the music is in public domain.

Ways to get a collection of free music from the internet.


Listening to is a simple to use online platform that enables you to get access to YouTube music for free. To achieve this, you just have to copy-paste a music URL to the YouTube site, add it to the YouTube skull mp3 converter after which it can directly download in MP3 format from YouTube. After you find the MP3 file, you can export it to your music library. You can also be able to convert videos to MP3 from the online converter available on the YouTube server.



Amazon is one website that offers millions of free music downloads thus it is one of the most sought websites for downloading free music legally. It gives you an opportunity to view all music available for free download by either sorting by release date, genre, popularity, the length of the song, alphabetical order by artist, title or album or by reviews. Also, one can opt to let the music play before downloading them, after which they can then choose to save the selected songs to their computer by clicking on the free button to add it to the cart. You can then checkout by clicking on the Place the order button just as if you are purchasing something. You’ll then be directed to a URL link to download the free music.

Internet Archive’s Audio Library

This music Library has thousands and thousands of results available for free downloads of audio, music, radio programs, podcasts, and most notably some music archive which is live. You can either group the free music downloads by title, most viewed items, creator or date published. Here you will find all the artists who have free music downloads. There are many file formats like MP3 and MP4 available that you can download your music in.

music online

Music sites

Various software that you can use to download, transfer, record, and manage music. This software can download music from many music sites in both MP3 for MP4 format. Record music from unlimited music players and radio stations, transfer music from iTunes Library to Android phone, iPhone or iPod and also to export music back to iTunes Library and much more.…

5 FAQs About Cheap Gaming Laptops


The gaming laptops’ industry has in the last few years gone through one of the biggest revolutions. Designers are working round the clock, and buyers no longer need to spend thousands of dollars on a gaming laptop, for the industry has continued to see the best and affordable machines being unveiled. If you are out there shopping for a gaming laptop, other than just making sure you go for a model designed by a reputable name in the industry, this article can help you get the best. Here are five concerns about cheap gaming laptops that could help you choose the best.

What is the best screen size?laptop

The screen size of your gaming laptop is crucial; it is one thing that can make or even break your gaming experience; the bigger the screen, the better. While laptop screens range from as low as 8 inches up to 19 inches, a 15.6-inch screen is always recommended for gaming, especially if you know you are going to carry it around. If you want to make things even better, opt for a one with a high resolution.

What kind of processor does the laptop come with?

A processor is one of the most important components of a gaming laptop. It will in a myriad of ways determine how fast and efficient your machine performs. The two biggest designers of processors right now are AMD and Intel. If you know, you are going to play those light games. A dual core processor will be adequate; however, for more complicated and power hungry games, you will need a quad-core processor.

What about the RAM?

This is your gaming laptop internal memory; the more your machine comes with the more efficiently it will run. For smooth and flawless running of some of the latest games and applications, go for something no less than 8GB. It is as simple as that.

work deskWhat ports do I need?

If you want to connect your gaming laptop to big TVs, or even hard drives, of course, you are going to need some ports. For example, with USB 3.0, you will get fast transfers from your portable hard drive to your gaming machine. For ultra-fast transfer speed, you could go for Thunderbolt.

How long will the battery last?

A good number of cheap gaming laptops often come with around two hours of battery life. However, if you know you are going to use it while on the move, you might want to go for a model that comes with a much longer battery life.…

5 Considerations to make when shopping for a POS system

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If you run a retail business, then you would not ever want to hire an employee that was incapable of doing their job. Well, the point of sale (POS) software that you choose for your business is essentially an extension of your employees. Thus, it is important that your point of sale software performs up to your expectations. The only way you can realize this objective is by using the Best Singapore Mobile POS System. There are dozens and dozens of different POS system solutions on the market, and while they may not seem all that different at a glance, some are in fact better than others.

Things to look for in a POS

1. Establish your expectations

You should write down a list of which online shopfactors are most important to you in your software. Consider if you have any products that require unique purchasing systems, or if your business offers some membership program that can affect pricing or offer deals to customers. If you know the answers to these questions beforehand, then you’ll have an easier time narrowing down your choice.

2. Consider the basic features

While unique elements of your business may demand specific point of sale solutions, the basic features of the software are also important to consider. Most POS system packages can calculate and display prices of objects, discounts accurately, and taxes, as well as systems for processing credit and debit cards and voiding transactions. If your business is a restaurant, you’ll want to be sure that your software can create checks for individual tables and handle special orders, as well as other restaurant-specific functions.

3. Probability of having multiple points of sale in the store

It’s important that all of them can interface with each other to provide for accurate inventory, daily sales figures, and so on. Many POS software solutions provide a web-accessible record that allows a business owner to keep track of what’s going on in their business from anywhere in the world.

4. Capacity

Similarly, for a business that operates across multiple locations, it’s important to have a system that can deal with that. You may want to share some settings across all your locations while customizing others for individual locations. Make sure that the software you choose has this capability.

ipad5. POS system capable of communicating with whatever accounting software

For example, it’s a good idea to get POS software that can communicate with whatever accounting software your business operates with. The better the two programs can communicate with each other, the better. It’s also important that modern businesses are adaptable – your POS software should be quick and easy to make changes to.

There are hundreds of other minor characteristics that can make a POS software solution perfect for your business. Be sure to think about your priorities and write everything down, so it’s easier to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.…

Various Benefits Of Email Security


In today’s world, most of the communication in the business world happens through emails. These emails contain highly secured and sensitive information and if leaked, can do huge damage to the organization. Even our personal emails should have adequate protection. These emails are vulnerable to online hackers who can use the information to steal our account numbers, social security numbers and other sensitive information. According to Comcast email login, for instance, the emphasis is on the security details as one on the ways to ensure safe email platforms. Email security means the techniques which are used for keeping private information in email accounts safe against any attack, loss, or unauthorized access.

Various benefits of email security

Protection of data integrity

workingThe most significant use is the protection of data integrity and data confidentiality.The information sent from one person to other can be highly private and sensitive. If the information gets into the hands of an unauthorized person, it could lead to a financial and operational loss. Email security can help to protect data integrity so that the message is only delivered to the person for whom it’s intended to.

To prevent computer from virus

Study says that nine out of every ten times, the viruses that infect a computer gets into the system through the email attachments. Make sure not to open the spam emails and scan the attachments before opening them.

Data encryption

One of the most popular methods of email security would email encryption. Under this method, the content of the email you send is encrypted so that any unauthorized person can’t read it. The real recipient of the mail then decrypts the message. A company that hosts its email services benefit the most from this technology. However, these days almost every organization send sensitive information through emails. This kind of disclosure can lead to breaching of data. It can prove to be damaging for any enterprise. Email encryption will help to prevent any breach of data.

Protect loss of data

gadgetThe loss of data confidentiality through emails lead to loss of reputation of an organization. That would ultimately ensure financial loss and will decrease the profit too. Email security will protect your company from this situation.


Email security is critical in today’s world for everyone, be it an individual or a huge multinational corporation. We can not stop these attacks from happening on our emails, all we can do is strengthen the security system so that these attacks don’t affect us and our sensitive information is secured.…


machine production


3D Printing ( additive manufacturing) is a process of producing 3-Dimensional objects from a digital design. There are multiple 3D printing materials and technologies but all use the same concept; a digitally designed model is processed into a solid 3D product by adding material layer after layer.


The 3D digital design file is the blueprint of the physical 3D object. The design file is thinly sliced into layers that are then sent to the printer. Thereafter the printing process starts, but varies depending on the type of technology used from desktop printers which melt (plastic) material & lay the melted material down on a print platform to industrial machines which melt metallic powders at very high temperatures using laser. Time taken to complete a printing process depends on the object size.

This technology can be used in aircraft industry, automotive industry, packaging industry and also the health sector.



moneyTraditional ways of image prototyping and production are expensive. 3D printers have the most affordable production options by creating and manufacturing parts and tools that are cheap compared to the traditional machines. e.g. in the medical field, 3D printing tools such as forceps, clamps, scalpel handles and hemostats are cheaper to buy when compared to stainless steel. Furthermore,the cost of 3d printing prosthetics are cheaper than the traditional ones.


Most industries manufacture their products by mass production i.e. all the produced products use the same type of molding, and all the end products have similar design and shape, with no uniqueness. With 3D printing, one can personalize anything by simply tweaking any part of the prototype to cater for their specific needs. For example, a customized 3D printing can be used in dental and medical field.


In the case of mass production, mixing of raw material is not always ideal as it can be costly. The chemical and physical properties are also difficult to mix when using the traditional methods. 3D printing, however, offers continuous progress in this area. Apart from using plastics, 3D printing has multiple material compatibility from glass, gold, silver, ceramics, biomaterials, paper and food. With all these materials at hand, one can accomplish anything they have in mind with 3D Printing.


machine productionTraditional machine production requires machines and human labor for production which are all expensive. This can take time due to expenses and arrangements involved, leading to a lot of time wastage. 3D Printing takes only hours. After the design, after that file are to readable by the printer and thereafter printing is done. There is no waiting queues and the marketing of products is fast and easy leading to quick turnarounds.…

Four tips to fight computer malware

Preventing computer malware

Malware or viruses have been ruining our computer experience for a very long time now. They corrupt files, slow down computers or even make the unusable all together. In most cases, the problem is a result of poor computer usage or total ignorance of the basic maintenance. Below we look at some of the top tips for avoiding malware on your computer.

Preventing computer malware

Install anti-malware utilitypreventing computer malware

Installing an anti-malware is the logical thing to do. With a lot of this software available both for free and paid, it is very easy to get the right choice. An anti-malware is tailored towards keeping your computer safe from trouble making malware. With vast databases of indexed malware, they can identify and delete all sorts of malware. A simple google search will get you a very detailed list of these utilities that you can choose from.

Don’t open unknown emails

If you receive emails that you don’t know where they are from, you better not open them. Scammers always distribute malware via emails that look attractive. The emails include clickable links that lead to malicious sites that might install unwanted programs to your computer without your consent. The best option is to delete the email or mark it as spam so that your email filter can flag it and prevent the sender from sending you more emails.

Install security updates

Operating system vendors such as Microsoft regularly releases security updates that address bugs and vulnerabilities that make the computer easily compromised. The best advice is to set your computer to check for updates of safety and install them automatically. This ensures that the equipment is up to date and fixed loopholes that malware would have used to infect your computer.

Defragment your hard disk

The ways the computer stores data in its memory is complicated but can be simplified by stating that the data doesn’t stay in one place. For example, when you save a movie on the hard disk, parts of the movie will be distributed in different sections of the disk, and with time, they disperse even more, hence the term fragmentation. By defragging, you bring the chunks closer and increasing the speed of memory access, making your computer blazing fast. It also prevents the ability of malware to use the undesirable state to easily corrupt files and making them unusable.

These are the top four computer tips that if followed, you can be sure to make your computer faster. Always consult a professional when things seem to get out of hand, they are in a better position to solve serious problems.…

Top Computer Tips


We all have that love-hate relationship with our computers, especially our portable ones, the laptops. In most cases, computers become a menace to us because we do not provide them with a suitable environment for them to perform at their ultimate best. Today we look at some tips that are guaranteed to make your computer better and admirable.



This specifically goes to the laptop owners. Most people leave their laptops connected to the power throughout the day. This is a habit, mainly observed in areas that power outages are a norm. The downside of connecting your laptop to the charger all day is that it takes a toll on the battery. Batteries live longer if they are allowed to have full charge cycles. It is therefore advised to unplug the charger when the battery if fully charged, use it until it’s depleted then plug in the charger again. A better way to save battery power is to unplug it and use the direct power when its full. It should be noted that this could be fatal, especially to the file system if the power abruptly goes off.


A restore point allows you to revert your computer status back to when it was performing without any errors. We sometimes install new programs or mess with the settings, making our computers perform poorly. With a restore point, you can quickly revert to a date when the computer was performing well. This technique has saved a lot of people the amount they would have used to hire a professional to do repairs.


If you understand the inner workings of computers, you will realize that software errors, in particular on the operating system are unique to the user account associated with the problem. In any operating system, each user account is an instance of the of the underlying OS, meaning that each user controls their OS if bluntly explained. Therefore having an additional account can help you repair the other one in the case of a blunder.


The next time you are prompted to labelinstall an update, please go through its description to see if you need it. The advice updates that you should install are security updates. Otherwise, the chances are that you don’t need the other updates. Many computer systems have broken down right after the installation of new updates. The tip of having a restore point also come into play, in that if you want to try the update, make sure to create a restore point that you can always go back to in case of a break down…