5 FAQs About Cheap Gaming Laptops

The gaming laptops’ industry has in the last few years gone through one of the biggest revolutions. Designers are working round the clock, and buyers no longer need to spend thousands of dollars on a gaming laptop, for the industry has continued to see the best and affordable machines being unveiled. If you are out there shopping for a gaming laptop, other than just making sure you go for a model designed by a reputable name in the industry, this article can help you get the best. Here are five concerns about cheap gaming laptops that could help you choose the best.

What is the best screen size?laptop

The screen size of your gaming laptop is crucial; it is one thing that can make or even break your gaming experience; the bigger the screen, the better. While laptop screens range from as low as 8 inches up to 19 inches, a 15.6-inch screen is always recommended for gaming, especially if you know you are going to carry it around. If you want to make things even better, opt for a one with a high resolution.

What kind of processor does the laptop come with?

A processor is one of the most important components of a gaming laptop. It will in a myriad of ways determine how fast and efficient your machine performs. The two biggest designers of processors right now are AMD and Intel. If you know, you are going to play those light games. A dual core processor will be adequate; however, for more complicated and power hungry games, you will need a quad-core processor.

What about the RAM?

This is your gaming laptop internal memory; the more your machine comes with the more efficiently it will run. For smooth and flawless running of some of the latest games and applications, go for something no less than 8GB. It is as simple as that.

work deskWhat ports do I need?

If you want to connect your gaming laptop to big TVs, or even hard drives, of course, you are going to need some ports. For example, with USB 3.0, you will get fast transfers from your portable hard drive to your gaming machine. For ultra-fast transfer speed, you could go for Thunderbolt.

How long will the battery last?

A good number of cheap gaming laptops often come with around two hours of battery life. However, if you know you are going to use it while on the move, you might want to go for a model that comes with a much longer battery life.

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