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Reasons to Unlock Your Phone


It is no secret that almost all of the people these days own a smartphone. As expected, many of these users are under an agreement with a network provider. However, many of them are opting for their phones to be unlocked. Have you ever wondered why phone users are deciding to unlock their phones? If you are, below are some of the reasons why they do.

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Resale Value

There is no denying that many phone users are fond of reselling their phone after a couple of months of using it. The thing is that those who are in search of used phones are more interested in unlocked smartphones. Moreover, it is much easier to sell smartphones that have been unlocked. What is more? An unlocked iPhone has a higher selling price. This because unlocking your phone means adding extra features to it. In fact, it is possible for someone to earn an additional $250 by deciding to unlock his or her iPhone before selling it.

No Contracts

phone iconMany people agree to contracts probably because of the subsidized offers by network providers. However, being locked for 24 Months can sometimes become a hassle. This is particularly true if you plan to change your network provider. On the other hand, phone users who are not under any contract can do whatever they want. Moreover, they can avoid those ridiculous fees if they do not have any agreement. This is one of the reasons why many phone users decide to unlock their units. On a side note, unlocking your phone will give it an extra life since you can still use it after you ended your contract.

Fewer Restrictions

It goes with saying that locked phones have tons of restrictions that hinder the owners from maximizing the usage of their phones. For instance, locked phones could not be used outside the country. Well, you can use it internationally if you are prepared to pay their finance charges. Hence unlocking your phone is ideal especially if you are always traveling. Moreover, owners of locked phones will be billed with hefty charges if they use their phones to get in touch with other users who are using a different network.


As we end this article, we conclude that unlocking a smartphone will bring tons of benefits to the table. As a matter of fact, the three advantages mentioned above are only some of the many advantages. However, it is important to note that unlocking your phone has its share of disadvantages too. That includes voiding the warranty on the phone. Moreover, do not forget to do your homework when in search of technicians that will unlock your phone.…

How to get the best from your iPhone7 & 7 Plus



The iPhone is the flagship cellular product of Apple Inc., and it is one of the leading smartphones in today’s market. Many people look forward to owning one and save money to purchase the latest model. Because of this, many mobile network operators give out the phones at a discounted rate, but the catch is that they will lock the unit to their network and this can be a major issue for frequent overseas travelers.

The iPhone 7 and 7 PlusiPhone

This is a phone that has been a favorite among many smartphone users. It is powerful, and many people use it for personal and work related matters. However, according to having an iPhone 7 which is locked will not allow you to use it with other networks and that is why it can be advantageous to have it unlocked by using one of the following methods.

IMEI method

This is by far the best option for anyone who has a phone that has been locked to a network. It uses the particular phones IMEI number and adds it to the Apple whitelist. When this is done, your phone will be unlocked, and you can use any sim card.

Hardware method

Some people try to change parts within the unit and get the phone unlocked; however, this can cause irreversible damage, and you will void the warranty on the unit too. It requires a qualified technician but we are firmly advise you again using this method.

Software method

Many websites promote software that they say can unlock your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, however, this method simply does not work, and you will end up wasting money paying for the software. Such methods are only good for older phone models and in fact, the iOS is a complicated operating system which cannot be cracked by software.

Benefits of having an unlocked phone

iPhoneWe all like to get a phone a good price or where we can pay for it on a monthly plan. However, since they are locked, it restricts us from using it on other networks or in other countries. When you get your unit unlocked, you can use sim cards of other networks that may offer better value call charges. If you travel abroad, you will not have to depend on the roaming facility of your home network as it costs a lot of money. When your phone is not network locked, all you have to do is insert a local sim of that country, and you are good to go.…