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What Makes DJI Mavic Pro A Unique Drone


Drones have been around only for a few decades with their popularity increasing drastically. Today, every cinematographer and media house want to own one. They come in handy when one is looking for clear shots and footages of places no human being can venture. If you’re looking for a drone to buy in 2017, the DJI Mavic Pro is your best choice. So, what makes this drone unique? This article will highlight some insights.

A review of DJI Mavic Pro Drone


droneBeing their next drone to hit the market this year, this company is going to thrill the world yet again. They take their work very serious, and the previous productions can attest to that. As much as the predecessor Phantom series were bigger than the Mavic Pro, there are many positive sides of this piece of craft. According to the research findings, this drone is packed with power and features to do more than the previous models. So what features make it stand out?

Physical features

Its physiques offer a small foldable package which could tempt someone to think it’s less powerful. Well, that’s wrong! You better try it to believe. Thus no need to bring the big backpack as it can almost literally fit in a small bag. It carries four powerful propellers and powerful batteries to last for around 20 minutes of full action.

With such physiques, the most impressive fact about this drone is the fact that it can hover for 24 minutes unless distracted by a strong wind. If this is not impressive for users, then nothing else can. Again, this craft can cruise in air at 65 KM/H to save energy for capturing and dashing back to bring the footage.

Various uses of the drone

droneWith its tiny size, this is ideal for navigating in congested scenes almost undetectable for investigative recordings. It is capable of carrying powerful cameras that can rotate in all angles so as not to miss any scene. Such cameras can record either 4K or lower mode video. The photos can also come in different formats.

The final word

The compactness of the drone does not make it less productive since the engineers took their time to offer the best. Mind you; this is the most advanced drone technology from Mavic company. It is a highly recommended device for all use, and it comes with good value for money. Check the drones buy website through the link provided above for more information.…